Thank you for supporting Jennifer’s campaign. Through your donation we can ensure that we print campaign marketing material, pay for office space and outfit our volunteers with noticeable swag.

Please note, this donation is not tax deductible, but the City of Toronto offers a generous rebate program to all donors who give over $25. All donors who donate between $25 and $300 will receive 75% of their donation back. Contributions between $300 and $1,000 are eligible for a 50% rebate. For contributions over $1,000, donors will receive 33 1/3%

You are able to donate up to a maximum of $1,200 to an individual council candidate this election cycle. If you make multiple contributions (including in-kind), your total donation cannot exceed $1,200. The maximum total amount you are able to donate to all candidates in the same jurisdiction is $5,000. For example, if you are donating to multiple council candidates, your total donation among them cannot exceed $5,000.